About Sri Lanka

Tucked away in the hub of the Indian ocean is an island once called by plentiful names offering exceptionally attractive panorama, rich momentous culture and a place of vital relaxation where one can truly indulge in their own needs to their hearts content. For Centuries this tear drop of the Indian Ocean seduced travellers with its beautiful images of golden-Sand beaches, world famous legacy sites and criminally underrated cuisine. In recent times it has truly earned its rightful status as a place of true natural beauty where you will receive the very best in the vacation arena. With a history that dates back to the 600 BC times, this pearl of the Indian ocean stands up to its prospect of having great heritage sites of Sigiriya to the giant Buddha statues and great ancient temples reflecting the Sinhalese society that created a nation which well deserves its recognition as the one of the best in the world.

Sri Lanka’s Culture consists of profound historical and religious of the Sri Lankan people. The official language is Sinhalese and most people are familiar with English. The Sri Lankan culture is hugely influenced by the Buddhist way of life. Irrespective of the culture or background the warm friendly locals will accommodate you with open arms, and the true meaning of hospitality truly shines.

Sri Lanka was referred by many names such as Taprobane, Serendib and Ceylon. Ceylon Tea is one of the most ideal beverages that this tremendous island has to offer to world. Sri Lanka due to its awesome beauty and culture was commented by many. Particularly by D. J. G. Hennessy, who writes in his book Green aisles: a story of the jungles of Ceylon as follows; "To me the beauty of Ceylon lies not so much in its blue seas and golden beaches, its jungles and its mountain peaks, as in its ancient atmosphere. There is no nation, from Egypt of the Pharaohs to modern Britian, in whose literature this island has not at some time been mentioned by one or other of its many names—Lanka, Serendib, Taprobane, Cellao, Zellan, to recall a few. History lies buried in its sands, and ghosts of romance lurk among its bastioned rocks, for Lanka is very, very old."

The natural beauty of Sri Lanka's tropical forests, beaches and landscape, as well as its rich cultural heritage, make it a world famous tourist end. Sigiriya, also known as Lion Mountain is most suitably the world’s eighth wonder. UNESCO has declared 7 sites in Sri Lanka as world heritage sites. Apart from this, the paranormal island holds natural harbours such as Trincomalee harbour, virgin beaches such as pigeon island beach, magnificent waterfalls, tropical forests and historical ruins. Sri Lanka is also famous for its food and hospitality. Sri Lanka has an extensive number of indigenous dishes, fruits and spices. Over the last centuries Lankan cuisine is complemented with Indian, Chinese, Malay, Arabian and European tastes. Rice and curry

With the end of the civil war, this nation well equipped with beautiful vista, culture and history is back on the radar for curios travellers seeking a only one of its kind experiences. Relaxation, culture, nightlife is only a touch away once you arrive at the bustling city of Colombo. This beautiful nation of Sri Lanka can only be experienced through your own eyes but it will indefinitely leave a mark in the hearts of those travellers.