Travel Information


Nationals from 80 countries that visit Sri Lanka for tourist purposes are exempted from visa requirements and are entitled to a free 30 day visa on arrival.


Loose cotton attire such as skirts, trousers and tops are suitable in the low country areas. A long-sleeved blouse is advisable when visiting temples, in the case of ladies. Cotton trousers, T-shirts or sarongs are suitable for men.

Best time to visit:

Sri Lanka is a year round destination and has just two monsoons that occur in different halves of the island at varying times. Visiting between December and April is suitable for guests that prefer to holiday in the western and southern coastal regions, while the rest of the months of the year is ideal for holidays in the east coast.


Sri Lanka offers a wide range of accommodation options such as five-star hotels, resort hotels, boutique properties, guest houses and home stays.


This holistic science has been used to rejuvenate tired bodies and weary souls for more that 2,000 years. The treatments include various types of baths and massages along with cleansing and revitalization Techniques such as yoga, meditation and special diets.

Food & Beverage:

Savor the culture of Sri Lanka with its spread of traditional dishes that are seasoned with the spices that the island is renowned for. A juicy feast of tropical fruit such as papaya, bananas, mangoes and pineapple colorfully light up every dining table whereas natural beverages such as king coconut water and sour sap are just starters in gaining the Sri Lankan experience.

Photo Permits:

Prior permission may be required in photographing some cultural sites.

Medical Care:

Sri Lankan doctors are well-experienced in treating diseases, allergies, stomach upsets, prickly heat and sunstrokes. If more serious attention is required, visiting a private hospital that is well-equipped is advisable.


Sinhala and Tamil are Sri Lanka’s two official languages while English is spoken as a second language. Most Sri Lankan are conversant in English are known to be helpful to visitors.